he clan Spada di Caino was born in April 2003 from the on-line game Vampire: The Masquerade. All the former members belonged to a previous clan, which gave them the opportunity to meet and get used to each other, but the desire to have fun together and wanting to do so under their own emblem moved them to give life to the =SdC=

he driving principle has been equality and respect for all the members; in fact every one has the right and the ability to make the group grow freely and in autonomy, with their own doubts or ideas, inside or outside the game. It is exactly this the sprit that the =SdC= embodies because the game is fundamental and accompanies us day and night when most of us find themselves together to share our own dreams and interests, mixing fantasy to our own real daily life.

he clan Spada di Caino, besides of the evocative name with which it presents itself, has created a meeting place for a variety of players and people, and has permitted us to build friendships validated by respect and loyalty, and it has become important to us and all of the ones that have met us. This was possible thanks to all the ones that belong to the clan.